What is Nutritional Therapy and what can I expect from my appointment?

During your first appointment you will be asked for information about your family history and any illnesses that you have manifest during your lifetime and how these were treated, plus any vaccinations that you may have had. This process usually takes around two hours. Your next appointment will give you an idea of foods and supplements that will help your body to achieve optimum health for you. Education around what is going on for you and your health is an important part to enable you to make sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

Our bodies have their own innate wisdom and when something goes wrong with our health Nutritional Therapy looks at what has brought us to this point. We can then support the body with naturopathic techniques, correct nutrition and supplementation in order to bring about a change. A skilled Nutritional Therapist can interpret our bodies many cries for help – hydration, Essential Fatty Acids, cleansing, nutritional deficiencies, and help to support the body to optimum health. Educating the client to empower them into making life changes to benefit their long term health is also an important part of the process.

Simple easy changes can make a big difference to your health and soon become part of a new health regime, its really important to make the process practical and achievable for you so everyone will get a personalised approach.


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