Larry Laryea

Christine Amara and Larry Laryea are Healing Practitioners who are based in Caernarfon, North Wales

Healing is a simple and yet powerful form of complementary therapy, where energy flows from the healer to the recipient. The effect can be felt on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It can be beneficial for chronic pain, back pain, insomnia, stress, and much more. The best way to understand and appreciate healing is to EXPERIENCE IT, so you can judge for yourself. The least outcome from a healing session is relaxation.

Healing has been used within the NHS for many years.

Larry Laryea has been involved in the healing movement with different organisations in the North and South of England for many years, primarily working in churches, healing centres, public demonstrations, and in private. He qualified as a Healer in 2004. He has also worked with Complementary Cancer Care Trust, based in Bexley, Kent as a volunteer Healer. This service was affiliated to Macmillan and St Christopher’s Hospices and other community based referral schemes, providing a multi facetted therapy unit solely dedicated to clients at various stages of cancer, from early diagnosis to terminal. He also trains and helps to develop aspiring healers. His aim is to give his best as a healing channel for optimum benefit for his clients.